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The mission of the Hispanic American Rifle Association is to embrace and educate the Hispanic population of the United States, along with other associated groups, with regard to the inherent right of self defense and personal security, described by and enshrined in the the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.  We want to encourage those citizens of Hispanic descent to participate in and enjoy benefits from the great heritage recognized by the Bill of Rights to our Constitution, certainly including the Second Amendment and its language ensuring the right of the individual to keep and bear arms.

Over 60 Million Americans (nearly 20 percent of the total US population) descend from Hispanic lineage, and they enthusiastically celebrate and enjoy the blessings of liberty that the Founding Documents of our country guarantee to every citizen.  This organization sets itself apart by working hard for all Americans and their enjoyment of the values, rights, and privileges set forth in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights; and especially reaching out to Hispanics, one of our largest demographic groups.  No matter which walk of life you may come from, if you enjoy the shooting sports, support firearms safety, and or outdoor sportsmanship, then you are welcome to join us at the Hispanic American Rifle Association.

We Want To:

Educate Hispanics and others about the reason for the Second Amendment's existence and the contribution of the individual right to keep and bear arms in the creation of the United States, and its continuing importance for the future of our country.

Encourage firearms ownership along with marksmanship training; we also want to promote expansion of the shooting sports.  We will produce our own and seek additional positive media coverage of firearms related subject matter and sporting activities.

Encourage proper firearms and ammunition handling, maintenance, and storage.

Educate gun owners and prospective gun owners, as well as the general public at large, (whether they own guns or not!) about firearms safety and demonstrate proper safety procedures.

Sponsor and promote MANDATORY courses on firearms and ammunition familiarization and firearms and ammunition safety courses to be taught in public education. 

Establish a firearms safety and information program specifically directed toward children and young people.  ("Pancho Safety" program)

Form and support governmental and social lobbies to represent the interests of Hispanic American gun owners and other groups compatible with our dedication to preserve the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.  We will assist in formulating legislation and regulation in pursuit of safeguarding our Second Amendment Rights. 

To assist in the formation of Hispanic American marksmanship clubs and competitions and promote interactions and cooperation with various other and established shooting organizations.  

To assist in the establishment of additional shooting ranges and gain more accessible hunting lands for our members.  We will educate our members and others as to the historical importance and benefits of hunting with regards to our culture as well as effective game populations management.

Establish our own firearms training standards and safety procedures; and offer certifications to those who complete our instructional courses. 

Annual Membership for only $25

Annual membership in the Hispanic American Rifle Association is only $25 and offers a number of other benefits as well.  Our members may take advantage of a 10 percent discount on any new firearm purchased through Baker Precision, one of our sponsoring dealers.  460 Rowland, LLC is also offering a 10 percent discount on 460 Rowland and 960 Rowland pistol conversions.  

Complimentary Membership in the Mustang Racing Association

Our Hispanic American Rifle Association members also receive a complimentary membership in the Mustang Racing Association and will be eligible for MRA automotive discounts.  Please contact us for details. 

We will be adding additional member discounts as they become available!


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